Our Story

Domenico’s is one of the first restaurants to serve pizza in California and has a long and amazing history.


Domenico and Beverly

Domenico’s is one of the first restaurants to serve pizza in California. In 1954, Domenico and Beverly Spano opened Domenico’s in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach.

With a simple menu consisting primarily of made-from-scratch pizzas and the now famous house salad, Domenico and Beverly introduced their Italian fare to the Long Beach locals.

Domenico with Wilson High Students Circa 1958

Domenico’s in the early sixties before the dining room was expanded.


Becoming an Icon

Before long the ground sausage, ground pepperoni pizzas, and the creamy garlic salad dressing became Belmont Shore traditions. Dom and Beverly soon opened Domenico’s locations in North Long Beach, Lakewood, Hawaiian Gardens, and Santa Ana. In the mid-sixties, the original Domenico’s was purchased by the Kenyon Family. In 2004 Rochelle Kenyon retired, and the restaurant came under its current ownership.

The Present

The Tradition Continues

Proprietor Mike Rhodes continues the traditions that have become synonymous with Domenico’s. The original recipes are still being followed, and its business has grown to new heights. The menu now also includes many delicious pasta dishes including Sausage Tomato Cream, Chicken Basil Cream, Angel Hair Chicken Fresco, and much, much more.

Mike Rhodes and daughter Erin at the KTLA studios when Domenico’s was featured on “Burrous’ Bites” segment in 2016.

A Piece of history

The Original Domenico’s Menu