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It was a fairly last minute request to cater a small wedding in our home. Starting with her prompt response to my phone call, Stacy was a super attentive professional. We were so informal about things that Stacy had to gently offer up the suggestion of getting someone not involved in the wedding to help coordinate. She ended up working with our “unofficial wedding planner” to get things into place, right down to offering up a cambro to keep the food hot while we had our ceremony. Domenico’s food?? Ridiculously good. I mean, nobody expects food cooked in larger quantities to be of the same quality that comes with made-to-order meals. Right? Wrong. The pastas were amazing, everyone raved about the salads and there wasn’t an unsatisfied person to be found. We’re planning on trying the restaurant soon. If it’s anything like the catering side, we’re in for more treats. Thanks to the team for being super responsive from the beginning, patient throughout the selection process, and finishing off with delightful service from Dara who trekked to the house with goodies in hand. Worth every red cent.